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About SageSource Learning Center

SageSource Learning Center was founded in 2015 by Rita Grayson, LCSW, RPT-S. The mission of The Center is to provide high quality Sandtray training and supervision to mental health professionals.

The Body-Brain Approach teaches Sandtray Play Therapy through the lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology. In her teaching, Rita weaves together the latest understanding of how the relational brain works, along with Sandtray Play Therapy techniques and the wisdom of Sandtray’s Jungian theoretical roots. Students of this approach gain deeper understanding and confidence that, given appropriate tools, techniques and a safe therapeutic environment, the body’s wisdom can be trusted to discover healing pathways.

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"The workshop was very deep and insightful. Thanks for the welcoming atmosphere and presence."

− Participant

"I don't have left-brain words to describe my appreciation for the gift I received from being here... being here... with Rita and the other participants."

− Participant

"Excellent training! Going back home with personal and professional gains."

− Participant

"This is by far the best workshop I have attended."

− Participant

"I have found a refresher for my passion, a renewal. I look forward to the next level of training."

− Participant

"This workshop felt more like a retreat."

− Participant

"Rita is a great presenter and demonstrates her compassion for her profession."

− Participant

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