As Mental Health Professionals we are constantly learning and adding new tools to our therapeutic toolboxes.  Becoming certified in a particular approach tells your clients and your professional community that you have achieved a high degree of expertise.  Individuals who become certified in The Body-Brain Approach to Sandtray Play Therapy will be well-grounded in Interpersonal Neurobiology concepts, attachment theory, the neurobiology of trauma in addition to the practice of Sandtray Play Therapy.

Benefits of certification:

  • Confidence that comes with mastering a therapeutic technique

  • A way to communicate to clients and your professional community that you have achieved this level of mastery.

  • Listing on the SageSource website as a certified Body-Brain Approach Sandtray Play Therapist

How to become certified:

  • Attend Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 trainings

  • Participate in online supervision groups between levels.

  • 24 hours of group supervision

  • 10 hours of individual supervision

    • Individual hours are awarded for case presentations in supervision groups.

  • A minimum of 20 hours spent in Individual Sandtray journey

    • 5 day trainings = 5 hours individual work

    • At least 5 hours must be 1:1

    • Individual hours outside trainings/retreats ¬†must be with a Certified Body-Brain Approach Sandtray Play Therapist

  • Keep a journal of individual Sandtray journey available for review

  • Conduct 1 Sandtray session with Rita as the client

  • Application for Certification will include an essay on how you have grown/changed through your personal Sandtray journey.

Learn more about Supervision

Contact Rita directly for Certification application