Knowing your own darkness is the best method

for dealing with the darknesses of other people.

Carl Jung


We know that a large portion of the benefits that arise from psychotherapy have to do with the relationship between therapist and client.  That means the most important therapeutic “tool” is you!

We read countless books, attend trainings and consult with colleagues to hone our skills and become the very best Therapists we can be.  But what if we spent as much time learning about our inner worlds as we do learning the latest Therapy techniques?

My studies in the field of Relational Neuroscience have convinced me more than ever of the importance of healing our own implicit pain.  I have come to welcome the rough patches… when negative feelings arise in my relationships, whether with clients, colleagues or in my personal life, because I understand some unhealed part of my personal history is being touched.  These difficult experiences are opportunities for personal growth and healing.

In the work we do, people bring their pain to us.  It is inevitable that our unhealed pain will be touched.  Having a safe place to heal, through talk and experiential therapies, is an essential part of a long, satisfying career as a Therapist.

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